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JUGCentral is a new site within JADCentral (Java Application Developers Central) designed to support Java User Groups (JUGs) by providing a JUG "network" for JUGs around the world. JUGCentral is a place where JUGs can setup at no-charge their own JUG webpage to post information to its members as well as network with other JUG organizations. JUGCentral will become your "portal" to communicate to your JUG members upcoming events and activities, group news, code and related announcements. Additionally, each JUG can browse what other JUGs across the globe are doing, or participate in forumsto all JUGs on JUGCentral. If you already have your own JUG website, we can set up a cross link to your site to further expand your communication network. The only requirement is that the information you post be relevant to your group and support Java technology.

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   Sri Lanka

   Russian Federation
   United Kingdom


   Congo, The Democratic Republic of the
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Directory of Java User Groups

    United States
  • GoodJUG
    GoodJUG represents a group of java learners and gurus looking to expand their kn...
  • Arkansas
  • Northwest Arkansas Java User Group
    The Northwest Arkansas Java User Group is a regional professional organisation f...
  • California
  • Troy JUG
    Troy JUG is a java user group in the santa ana area dedicated to learning more a...
  • Los Banos JUG
    This is a java user group that just started in the Los Banos area. We meet once ...
  • Silicon Valley JUG
    This virtual group will focus on being a developer's forum for using Java on the...
  • San Diego JUG
    Java Users Group located in San Diego.
  • Sacramento Java User Group
    SacJUG meets once a month. Meetings can include vender presentations, training s...
  • San Jose Java Users Group
    San Jose Java users group is created for providing free information to South Bay...
  • Kansas
  • Kansas City JUG
    Supporting the needs of the Kansas City Java Community. The purpose of the Java...
  • Maryland
  • JUGernaut
    JUGernaut, a non-profit organization, sponsors and certifies participant-run stu...
  • Michigan
  • Holland Area JUG
    JUG Lake is a haven to all who are continually searching for the meaning of and ...
    Come join the Ann Arbor Java Users Group! Dedicated to serving Java Professional...
  • Minnesota
  • Rochester Java User Group
    a java user group in Rochester.
  • Twin Cities Java Users Group
    The Twin Cities Java User Group is a blend of formal lectures and informal mingl...
  • Mississippi
  • Hattiesburg JUG
    Java Users Group in Hattiesburg, looking more java users.
  • Missouri
  • St. Louis Java User Group
    The St. Louis Java User's Group is dedicated to promoting interest in and dissem...
  • Montana
  • Western Montana Java Users Group
    The Western Montana Java Users Group's (WMJUG) purpose is to assist the growing ...
  • New Hampshire
  • Manchester Java User Group
    A free membership Java User Group for exchanging Java expertise..
  • New Jersey
  • Empowered by Java
    The primary focus of this group is to establish a focus community of Java devel...
  • New York
  • Javabilliebob
    This group focuses on working with newcomers to the Java programming world. It'...
  • North Carolina
  • Charlotte JUG
    The Charlotte Metro area Java users group is about networking resources of all ...
  • Ohio
  • Central Ohio Java Users Group (COJUG)
    The Central Ohio Java Users Group, COJUG, is an organization providing Java info...
  • DayJUG - Dayton Area Java User Group
    Dayton, OH area JUG, started 6/28/2001.
  • Oklahoma
  • Tulsa Java User Group
    Our group exists to bring Java Developers of all experience levels together to d...
  • Oregon
  • JAVA Group of Portland
    We are gathering online here to share info. watch for more.
  • Pennsylvania
  • Carnegie Mellon Java Users Group
    The mission of the association is to get in tune with the ever escalating Java T...
  • South Carolina
  • Columbia Java Users Group
    Our mission is to promote the use of the Java programming language and its relat...
  • South Dakota
    South Dakota Java Users Group (SDJUG) is interested in the development, use, an...
  • Tennessee
  • JUGMatrix
    The "Memphis Area Java Users Group is a not-for-profit organization established ...
  • Chattanooga Java Users Group
    Welcome to the Chattanooga Java Users Group (CJUG). This group is dedicated to p...
  • Texas
  • Houston Java Users Group
    We are Java Enthusiasts in the Houston, Texas.
    Java Users Group of San Antonio
  • Virginia
  • Charlottesville JUG
    A Java User Group based in Central Virginia with the aim of sharing knowledge an...
  • Roslynjug
    Java User Group based in Roslyn, VA.
  • bonweller
    Charlottesville JUG in VA
  • Mexico
  • Grupo de Usuarios Java
    Te invitamos a formar parte de la comunidad java en español con mas participacio...
  • Canada
    British Columbia
  • BC Java User Group
    The BC Java User's Group is dedicated to promoting interest in and disseminating...
  • New Brunswick
  • Fredericton Java Users Group
    The objective of this group is to bring JAVA users of all interest levels toget...

    JAVA Related Object Orion
  • Fiji
  • JUGTechies
    watch for announcements here.

  • ASIA
    Andhra Pradesh
    we have java user group of 15 enthusiastic group, who are working on Java Relate...
  • Secunderabad JUG
    This will make people to share there knowledge.
  • Arunchal Pradesh
  • Ceeyes Java Technologies Group
    Our team consists of 22 memebers located in India and U.S.A having skillo n adva...
  • Bihar
  • Java For All (JFA)
    We are a bunch of java proffesional from India,Australia,Hongkong,Germany,USA,Sw...
  • CJB
    We have already JUG memeber and it is very useful in communicating about new eve...
  • Delhi
    java community located in the capital, New Delhi.
  • JavaMug
    A place to learn JAVA, JAVA, JAVA..........
  • Pritanshu JUG
    Pritanshu JUG is located in New Delhi
  • Delhi Active Java User Group
    The world of java and all of its solution is increasing day by day every day . O...
  • CoolJUG
    CoolJUG is Delhi's newest and most exciting JUG.
  • Gujarat
  • Java Users Group, Ahmedabad
    We are a group of more than 50 Java experts & students which actively work on m...
  • ANIK Computers & Education Group
    This is group of people working in Java and related Technology. It starts from c...
  • Haryana
  • Excel
    This a java user community in Gurgaon.
  • Karnataka
  • JavaCafe
    8 members working on Java in a MNC which is located in Hyderbad, India. Any quer...
  • JavaGeekz
    We are a group of Java Professionals working for software development using Java...
  • Java Ki Avaj
    We are a team of 8 members who are from different project and product back groun...
  • Kerala
  • keralajug
    keralaJUG is mainly focussing to share the innovative ideas in server side/disti...
  • Maharashtra
  • e-abad jug
    The world of java and all of its solution is incresing day by day every day we h...
  • S.Kumaresan JUG
    I am working as a System engineer, currently in embedded software. My java user ...
  • Java CATS Group
    This Java User Group is for people who are interested in discussing new technol...
  • Akola java Group
    we are a java user community in Mumbai.
  • Java for Ongole
    This group mainly concentrates the needs of people who are survived by Java for ...
  • DeepJavaMumbai
    Wel-come to Java User Group where Lot of Sun Certified Members are eager to solv...
  • Anikets Java User Group
    Java User Groups ar a very brilliant idea of getting lots of people together to ...
  • Manipur
  • jug-hitech
    local jug in cyberabad.
  • Orissa
  • sabu java user group
    this is a java user group in India
  • Faizan JUG
    faizan's jug represents a java favorite groupe of learners and gurus intrested v...
  • Tamil Nadu
  • Mepco JUG
    This JUG is to create a common platform for all the java novices and xperts fro...
  • Soft JUG
  • Pakistan
  • java programming lovers
    For the lover of java programmers and from the lover of java programing. if some...
    Our primary objective is to establish and promote JAVA Programming among the new...
  • Adil Abstract About Java
    java user group located in Islamabad
  • Extractors
    Fight for Success
  • Java User Group of Islamabad
    we are a group of highly trained professionals interested in JAVA computer langu...
  • Karachi
  • SaitaSoft Java User Group
    If you are in Karachi and interested in JAVA Join our Group to learn more.On Jul...
  • javamahir
    The purpose of the javamahir to privide quality information about java technolog...
  • Java Gaming
    The User group for Developers of Java Based Games.
  • Punjab
  • Pak-AIMERS Java Group
    This group is formed to help out Pakistani students specifically Pak-AIMERS in u...
  • Jahanzeb User Group
    Jahanzeb User group is a group of new, young and enthusiastic professional who a...
  • Java Experts in Pakistan
    Talk to Sun Certified Java Programmer and solve any problem about swing, io, net...
  • adeeltahir JUG
    Provides solutions to almost most of the java Technologies like Java, JDBC, .net...
  • Lahore Groups
    This group is for all those individuals who are interested to share and contribu...
  • BCS House [QurbanMomen]
    My purpose to make this Jug is to share knowledge of Java and of course Advance ...
  • Sri Lanka
  • Sri Lankan Java User Group
    Like to share the knowledge with all !!
  • Malaysia
    Kuala Lumpur
  • myJUG
    Malaysia Java Users Group
  • Uzbekistan
  • Java developers of Uzbekistan
    Java developers of Uzbekistan.
  • China
  • ChinaJava
    Share Java technology and promote java application in China
  • GuangDon
  • J2meHero
    This is j2me cldc/midp programming area.You are always welcome no matter your j2...
  • Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong Java User Group
    The Hong Kong Java User Group (HKJUG) is a non-profit making organization which ...
  • Philippines
    Quezon City
  • PinoyJUG
    PinoyJUG is a java user group aiming to provide a venue where Filipino Java Deve...
  • Thailand
  • ThaiJUG
    Java User Group in Thailand
  • Bangladesh
  • Java Study in Chittagong,Bangladesh
    I am a faculty of ExecuTrain and i provide training on CIW and Java.At first i h...
  • Singapore
  • Singapore XP and Java User Group
    Provide a channel for local developers to discuss issues on extreme programming ...
  • Korea
  • Oracle & Java Developer Heaven
    we have a lot of java Q/A , Web Q/A , Oracle Q/A or something else

    thanks for y...

  • Ace
    Ace's java place
  • Sibiu Java User Group
    It is a user group created for Java developers living in Sibiu, Romania
  • Sibiu
  • Sibiu's Java User Group
    It is a user group created for Java developers living in Sibiu, Romania
  • Belarus
  • InSoft JUG (BSUIR)
    Java Users Community of Distributed Computing development
  • Russian Federation
    St. Petersburg
  • Network Research Group (NRG)
    Research activities on neural networks solution, EJB techs, media management, XM...
  • United Kingdom
  • JavaGOLD
    we are a group of former c programmers hoping to make big money in java!
  • London
  • EnglishJUG
    Hello! We want to see you at our monthly meetings(first Monday) on JAVA technolo...
  • Middlesex
  • Java Experts
    Join into Java Experts forum.
  • South Devon
  • Exeter Java User Group
    Informal JUG to provide a forum for everyone involved in Java in South Devon. Fr...
  • South Wales
  • Java User Group, South Wales
    (1) promoting the use, development and education of the Java programming languag...
  • Surrey
  • Secrets of the Java Millionaires
    "Java is here to stay and the financial rewards to be gained from learning this ...
  • Wales
  • Java User Group -- South Wales

    1. Promote the use, development and education of the Java programmin...
  • Ireland
  • The Belfast Java Users Group
    We are dedicated to Java programming and the proliferation of its use. We exist ...
  • Portugal
  • Amadora
    1st portuguese JUG on JADCENTRAL. Our goal is to acheive experience and to give ...
  • Hungary
  • JFC Enterprise
    We have launched a research group that will lead developments in connection with...
  • Switzerland
  • Java User Group Switzerland (JUGS)
    The Java User Group Switzerland (JUGS) aims at promoting the use of Java technol...
  • Latvia
  • JavaLV
    A group of Java developers from Latvia. We are working in different companies, o...
  • Germany
  • Bonn JUG
    Hallo. Wir sind interessiert an die Javacomputersprache zu erlernen. Wir treffen...
  • Braunschweig
  • Deutshe JUG
    Diese hier ist eine Grupe fur die Sprache JAVA. Kommst du mit Frage und Buche er...
  • Braunschweiger JUG
    Warum lernst du komputer alleine? wir treffen uns jeden zweiten Donnerstag, zu l...
  • Celle
  • JUG in Celle
    Wir möchten Sie sehen! Bitte zu unserer Sitzung mit Freunden kommen jeder Montag...
  • Cologne
  • Java Architect User Group Cologne
    The JAUGC is a Java-User-Group dedicated to modern Java Architectures. It will ...
  • Frankfurt
  • Frankfurter JUG
    wissen Sie, das im franfurt haben wir eine Gruppe für das JAVA Lernen? sind Sie ...
  • Hannover
  • OOT in Java - OOTJava
    Forum für den Erfahrungsaustausch praktizierender Java-Programmierer. Treffen je...
  • Munich
  • Munich Group
    Hi, If any body interested to share the Programming knowledge in Java Language, ...
  • Saxony
  • DD JUG
    Most of our members are just beginners, so we try to teach them some things abou...
  • Spain
  • Galicia Java User Group (GJUG)
    This JUG is intended to group all galician ( or non galician ) people interested...
  • Malaga
  • Aplicaciones Java y XML
    We are a group of Java programmers. Our goal is to share knowledge in Java-XML p...
  • Poland
  • Krak JUG
    To JUG z Krakowa. Co druga sobota spotykamy sie u AGH.
  • Tarnow
  • JavaCentury
    To jest grupa osob ktorzy ucza sie jezyka komputerowego JAVA w Tarnowie.
  • JUG Polska
    My jestesmy studentami jezyka komputerowego w Tarnowie. Spotykamy sie raz na mie...
  • Netherlands
  • Jugging in Amsterdam
    We are juggin in amsterdam! we are programmers learning this language, which is ...

  • Brasilia Java Users Group - DFJUG
    O Brasília Java Users Group - DFJUG, iniciou suas atividades em Fevereiro/98 com...
  • Bolivia
  • JUGAR - Java User Group Amusement Research
    JUGAR is a group promoting the research in JAVA technology topics for web and wi...
  • Colombia
  • Java Group
    This group is dedicated to use the Java platform (J2ME, J2SE & J2EE) for archite...
  • Cundinamarca
  • Jagf JUG
    We are a group interested in develop J2EE solutions for the Web: content mangeme...
  • Venezuela
  • Java User Group Artificial Intelligence
    Site dedicated to research and development in topics related to Threads, Swing, ...
  • Chile
  • jchile
    Desarrolladores de Java en Chile

    Congo, The Democratic Republic of the
  • Java Logic
    This is a JUG to encourage young people to learn and use Java, and to create the...
  • Nigeria
    we've been around for about a year, mainly training people for SCJP and trying t...
  • Lagos
  • Lagos JUG
    Java User group of Lagos Nigeria, where java language users can get to exchange ...
  • Javaelites
    We explore Java's usefulness in e-commerce and enterprise wide applications.
  • Zimbabwe
  • Zimbo JUG
    A relatively young but expanding JUG from Zimbabwe. It aims at promoting the use...
  • Ivory Coast
  • JUG in Yamoussoukro
    Java learning group in Yamoussoukro
  • Tanzania, United Republic of
  • JUG- TZ
    We are planning to develop java language in Tanzania by helping each other. bea...
  • South Africa
  • Cape Town JUG
    The Cape Town Java User's Group was started in November 1999 as a mailing list a...

    The aim of our community is popularization of Java-Tech in Azerbaijan in the mos...
  • Kuwait
  • Kuwait JAVA User Group
    The goal of this group is to improve Kuwait's JAVA user skills and share it's ap...
  • United Arab Emirates
  • UAE Java Central
    Uniting all the Java Community of UAE ...
  • Iran (Islamic Republic of)
  • IJX (Iranian Java eXperts)
    A Place for exchanging java knowledge for java lovers.

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